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Broward County Guardianship Lawyer

The Florida Guardianship Statute is unique statute to Florida. It allows a guardian, a fiduciary, to be appointed by court order to manage the personal and financial affairs of another person, the Ward, who is determined to be incapacitated or incapable of making rational and reasonable decisions. A Guardianship maybe limited or plenary. A limited guardianship may limit the fiduciary to manage only certain aspects of the ward for instance finances. A plenary guardianship will allow a guardian to make financial as well as decisions over the person including medical decisions and have access to medical records. The Guardianship statute in Florida also includes a provisions for an appointment of an Emergency Temporary Guardian, ETG. An ETG is granted when the Ward is a threat to themselves or another and there is an immediate need to preserve assets or the person for instance from committing suicide.

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