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Are You Selling Your Home? Follow These Four Tips


A home is one of life’s biggest investments. Before making a decision to sell yours, either as the result of a job change, to accommodate a growing family, or to downsize in preparation for retirement, you want to be sure and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your investment. Having an experienced real estate lawyer by your side can help you avoid potential pitfalls that could end up causing major headaches while costing you significant amounts of money. The following includes four tips we recommend to clients to help ensure a successful sale.

  1. Make sure potential buyers are preapproved.

According to Bankrate, looking at homes prior to being pre-approved is like going to the store but leaving your wallet at home. Before taking the time to show prospective buyers your place, make sure they have been pre-qualified through a reputable mortgage lender. Verifying the buyer’s income, credit, and the actual amount they can get approved for can help prevent wasting time on a sale that will ultimately fall through.

  1. Be thorough in seller disclosures.

Florida real estate laws require sellers to make mandatory disclosures about property condition to potential buyers. This includes issues such as mold, termites, and problems with things such as wiring or plumbing. While you may be tempted to withhold some of this information in order to hasten a sale, you will only be setting yourself up for future claims. While you can only be expected to disclose those conditions you are currently aware of, you can be held liable for skimping on inspections and not revealing issues that you should have known about.

  1. Take the time to stage your home.

You can never underestimate the value of first impressions. Before showing off your home to prospective buyers, make sure it is properly staged. This means eliminating clutter from cupboards, closets, and common areas, highlighting space and providing a blank canvas for the buyer to picture themselves living there. Do not overlook potential safety concerns either. Fix torn carpet, uneven walkways or other issues that could injure visitors and create liability for you.

  1. Get everything in writing.

Congratulations – you have an interested, pre-approved buyer. In all the planning and excitement, remember not to take anything for granted. Get everything, including the offer, the timeline, and any changes or modifications involving purchase agreements in writing to prevent last minute disputes

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