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Updating Your Estate Plan when You Remarry

By Protect My Assets Law Group |

If you have previously gone through a divorce, you may have initially been gun shy about getting remarried. For many people in this situation, they eventually meet the right person, and find themselves tying the knot for a second or even third time. After having learned from past experiences, these marriages often stand an… Read More »


Situations Involving Guardianship In Florida

By Protect My Assets Law Group |

A guardianship involves one person who is appointed to handle the care or financial affairs of another. Children without parents need a responsible adult looking out for them and making important decisions on their behalf, but there are situations in which a guardian is required for adults. Guardianship proceedings in Florida are intended to… Read More »


Power Of Attorney and Health Care Advance Directives

By Protect My Assets Law Group |

A power of attorney is a legal document granting another party the authority to make financial decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated. Health care advance directives act in a similar fashion, detailing your wishes and granting authority to another to make decisions regarding your health care and end of life… Read More »


Understanding The Florida Probate Process

By Protect My Assets Law Group |

There are numerous misunderstandings about what is involved in the Florida probate process. Without a valid will, a trust, or other legal documents, time consuming and costly proceedings are often required to ensure the deceased person’s debts are paid and any remaining property is distributed to the rightful heirs. With the proper estate planning… Read More »


Do I Really Need A Will?

By Protect My Assets Law Group |

As a fundamental tool in estate planning, a will serves a variety of purposes, from allowing you to outline how you want your final arrangements to be handled to saving your loved ones time and money in probate proceedings. The following outlines some of the many uses for a will, as well as what… Read More »

Real Estate Watch

By Protect My Assets Law Group |

Latest news from Freddi Mac is that Mortgage Interest rates are on the rise again. The 30 year fixed rate mortgage increased to 4.19% for the week ending January 26, 2017 up from 4.09% the week before. This has affected the refinance market. The result of the rise will according to Morningstar, “In the… Read More »

Preparing for Incapacity

By Protect My Assets Law Group |

It is important to consider what would happen if you or someone you love were determined to be incompetent. Who would carry out your or their financial affairs. Who would make health care decisions. Without considering an answer to this question, your family and your estate could bear a large financial burden. If you… Read More »